If I can Just

Written by: Eduardo Garcia

If I, can just... see you and, just say what is in my, my heart, and words of romance speak... I could, I would... love thine heart, be thine joy, to say what lies in, in here... you have caught my attention and have conquered my thoughts, I would love your, I would... there is a glee in thy heart a beautiful smile I can only fall, I say you this and my heart no longer contain, if I can just, just speak all and I am shamed if a response from your negative side, I never want to see a frown on you and that would be againts my mission to sustain thine happiness, look at me, look... what can you see from me, I have to know and to sense an opportunity I will, to be your man for happiness and selfish my for a smile I seek and glee in your eyes. You are the heart in my body that contains emotion, soft emotion that is forever at your side and your approval, the love from the one, that is you, what do you say, my beauty?