Written by: Denise Hengeli

Waking one day I find silence abounds
I cannot find any people around!
The day before many neighbors were here
Living side-by-side without aging fear.

Living in a condo, the current rage
Sunshine warming bones as they age
Buildings rising four floors from below
We audit our strength, its ebb and its flow

Signs of our presence?  Our welcome mat
Silently greet friends, who will chat
Hailing each other, we talk back and forth
Now, I realize with shock!  They’ve gone back north!

Who will return to recite their news?
And, who will return to share new views?
Our lives are fragile as our systems slow
Some don’t return with their bright, “hello!”

I will remain here await their return
Continue to mellow, as patience I learn
Perhaps in October their mats re-appear
Announcing return from places not near.