The Savior Was He

Written by: Rosalinda Lato

The Savior Was He

It's raining so hard

The sound of the rain stabbing the roof sharply

As if trying to bore a hole

Wanting to penetrate

Wanting to be felt.


The wind adding the torture

On the students eagerness to learn

While the teacher trying to beat

The rage of nature

Through a voice which can never be heared.


Stop the beating of the rain

Nor groan of the wind

Suddenly darkness came

Rapidly like lighting

Making the humans within the room.


Shouted "Brownout!!!"

What the hell was going on!

Looking around, they saw

A figure just by the door

A silhouette as if.


Telling them to run for their lives

Everybody scampered to hide,

Yelling...crying...seeking for help

There was silence

A voice was heard


"I am the school maintenance crew'

I'm here to help you".

"Follow me...I have only one light for us."

Slowly they stood up and walked lightly

The savior was he.