Written by: Tony Lane

I wish I could write like Dr. Seuss And tell you a tale about a moose. One who had steadfastly held on to convictions, And about the environment made dire predictions. Or perhaps my moose would fly in the air, To save the birds who flew with him there. Because he is a friend on which you can count, To forgive a debt the entire amount. To give you a lift when your spirits are low, Without a moose friend you might not ever know. That moose antlers make good rakes for leaves, And he can talk when he’s down on his knees. But don’t serve him eggs with a side of bacon, Their color chartreuse because that story is taken. And keep him away from the Taloola trees, As the dust from their flowers will make him sneeze. And one good sneeze could set you back, And put you in the path of a south going Zak. Then all you could do is tip your hat, But there on your head another one sat. I wish I could think the thinks that Dr. Seuss thought, Think up the rhymes and the words that he taught. Then all of the world would love my moose, Like I love the world of Dr. Seuss.