My Girl

Written by: Stacey Behal

Outlining a figure so fine,
A touch away she is,
Her soft touch to mine,
The heart in the pattern of his.

Still stays the calming night,
Though there's brightness against my chest,
Eyes flutter as she lays close in sight,
Her cheek I brush; she takes a rest.

Such fragile words up my spine,
Scars clear in the way I see,
The beauty finds the line,
Making her feel warm next to me.

Morning is soon to become,
At dawn she will wake,
My mind will wander to and from,
Till then my hearts at steak.

For this beauty to find so real,
Gives me a turn in my ways,
A reality check to steal,
Putting my dreams in a haze.

Her lips have a touch; smooth and right,
Precious and caring my girl is here,
Giving our journey a start with a light,
As for insipiration is concealed; giving no feeling to fear.