My Morning Dilema-What Do I Wear

Written by: Celeste Jordan

Each day is a mystery of what lies ahead
Waking to the wonders swirling in my head

How will I fair when I dress and prep
Looking for solace in each daily step

Is this a day of laughter and fear?
Or will be one where I shed a tear

Or will it be full of tension and stress
Just maybe it’ll be one of the best

So what do I wear my casual or formal
Depends on if this day will be normal?

Now I arise with these thoughts all in my mind
Time’s running out and I’m lagging behind

Just throw something on so the process will begin
Praying for strength that is deep within

Movement is faster as I am thankful for awaking
Fears of the unknown decreasing in the making

Smiling and rushing as I attend to my hair
Just wasted my time finding something to wear