When I Gaze

Written by: Taylor Thompson

I catch myself gazing off when i'm missing you, and i find you.
I imagine what we'd do, how you'd kiss me or what you'd say
I often dream of you and can't wait for that day.
The day when your gaze warms my body not to mention when your arms embrace me,
The day i run up to you and youll tell me how much youve missed me.
I kiss you and hold you and we'll walk and hold hands,
For that short yet meaningful time, we'll surrender all to what our love demands.
Not only do i get caught in a trance even when you're not around,
My whole heart, my mind, body, and soul goes to you, hands down.
I know what i have with you, 
To keep you happy, there's nothing i wouldn't do.
Not a day goes by that i don't think of you.
I promise to stay honest and true
It's that simple,
Because you're amazing and i love you.