Walking On

Written by: Caryn King

A tremor of a moment
A hesitation in time
A life facing changes
A destination unwinds

A cold wind blows
And abruptly it ends
A branch has been fighting
But it no longer bends

Heated words whispered 
And carelessly said
Move on from deaf ears 
To fall on the dead

A woman so wicked 
Her soul would drip black
Breathes nothing but lies
While she buries the facts

Hundreds of eyes 
And hundreds of ears
Listen and watch
While truth cries its tears

Hundreds of hands
Lay slack at their sides
And hundreds of legs
Remain motionless rides

Hurt and betrayed 
By a storm that's so thick
They're hidden in tales
All claiming theyre sick 

But only a fool 
Will stand and be burnt
By a fire restarted
That's already hurt

And while all those others
Lay still and afraid 
A group of the innocent
Fight back to be saved