Written by: Amanda Miller

Guilty i feel 
Trust and believe
For you make me smile
And i give you grief 

Love in your eyes
And warmth in your touch
Pain in your heart
Pain ,i defined

Callous , i have been 
A sentry , to be relieved 
For damage has been done
Damage i must try to heal .

Word not kept
BrokenPromises, Forgiven?
But the scars i have delt
They deepen, not free.

You comfort and guide me.
Surrendered, no decree.
A saviour rising.
To mould and complete me. 

Fear to erase.
Love to embrace.
A soul to shield
Love, your armour , Love , your steed 

A guardian. An angel.
A protector . A dream 
My very own superhero
My dearest , you've been sent down from God's glorious home , HEAVEN,
To me .
Amanda Miller