Mama said to me
“liL simon, never you be you
Never please you
Please me who made you live
Always walk under my arm
Now be what I want you to be
Be a doctor
And be my son
Be in the laboratory
Be treating hearts
Fix the rotting kidneys
Fix the rotting lungs
Save the dying thousands
And be my son"

But for I said to mama 
"I wanna be me
And please every man
I wanna be a writer
A prophet of justice
A son of the society
Mending morals
Of today and tomorrow
We the sons of today
That way we follow.

Now I wanna be me
I wanna be a writer
A voice of the voiceless
A hero of the silent
A burner of the thousands
A hope of the hopeless
A friend of the abandoned
A voice that never dies
A poet of all times
The breaker of injustice lines
And I will be your son
And a son of every man"