What Went Wrong

Written by: Maxeen Deas-Dennis

I’m trying to understand what went wrong
We talk and text on the phone all night long
exchange some secrets that made us blush
wondering if we ever get to touch 

I’m trying to explore why you choose to ignore  
What was the problem, at least, you can tell me  
Now, this disappointment will set me back, 
can I trust you, will have to work on that 

Those places that we talk about and imagine
and there was no doubt that it will ever happen
to my surprise you left me hanging,
With the tone on the phone, that I heard in my ear
then my heart just sank and disappeared

Calls and texts that I made, emails to 
yahoo and facebook no luck
why couldn’t you tell me straight up?
revealing to me that your back with the wife 
Now, your actions let me know that you’re a slouch
I know now not to trust you with my heart, not even an ounce 

Now, you want to text me like nothing happen 
saying sexy words to get me excited so I can remember
how we use to talk and text on the phone
then you just stop, can you explain to me what went wrong