The Game Of Life

Written by: Shirley Long

Life is so full of surprises, It will never let you see, that something or 
someone is not meant to be.  You travel down life path each day, hoping and praying
nothing gets in your way.  Life can bring a twist into your steps, it will make you
crawl, and beg for help. You never expect things to go astray, leaving you trapped 
in everyway.

You can not seemed to grab a grip something or someone is always out there to make
you slip.  The game of life can be confusing sometimes, if you are not careful, it
can blow your mind.  You travel down life journey, hoping to make it through, then all
of a sudden someone want to pick at you.

Life comes at you fast, no one knows how long it going to last But there is one thing
we all need to do in order to make sure life do not get the best of you.  Pray to God
everyday and ask him to lead and guide you in every way.