The Good Ole Days

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Youngsters laugh at our "good ole days"
No Ipod’s, cells or weed
Mom didn't give you credit cards
She bought just what you need
Most kids had a paper route
If they wanted money to spend
Your parents were your parents
Not just another friend!
A loaf of bread was just a dime
And hand me downs the norm
No school bus picked you up
You had to hike it through a storm
We sat around the radio
The fireplace kept us warm
And listened to great artists
Like Opera stars perform

Families stayed together
Through good times and the bad
Always pulling for each other
And respecting Mom and Dad
I wouldn't change a thing
From my early childhood days
We were so much better off
Without these modern ways
The woodshed was your punishment
If you misbehaved in school
For you were always expected
To follow the golden rule
There was never a question
Of calling your Pa for bail
No one I ever knew
Spent any time in jail!

So take your Ipod’s, pricey sneakers
Your flat tv's and such
I'll still take those good ole days
Thank you very much
There was so much love and kindness
And love for country too
We gave you a great foundation
The rest is up to you
I guess we didn't do too bad
Copyright©2012 Beatrice Boyle