So what If I cannot speak

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

I can’t speak a word,
But I can express,
I can’t eradicate your sorrows,
But I can reduce your distress.

Just a touch of my eye,
Will make you smile,
Just a touch of thy,
Will make you agile.

I will dissolve your worries,
In my sea of thoughts,
Silently, I will hug you,
Presenting world lacking draughts.

I can’t speak so what,
We can chat and tweet,
I will listen to your every word,
Turning your bitter experiences sweet.

My smile will assure you best friend,
Silent, but crowded with expressions,
Providing a place to shed your tears,
My heart will rejuvenate your emotions.

I will hold you throughout crest and troughs
Together we will capture the peak,
Every emotion we will live till death,
So what, if I can’t speak.