Dirtybird McCurdy

Written by: Vincent Procopio

Dirtybird McCurdy…

Driven not deterredy
Young though quite maturedy

Vision crisp not blurredy
Speech smooth not slurredy

On like the horse he’s spurredy
And in like the fish he’s luredy

King of dirty wordy
Success is quite assuredy

Actin’ quite alerty
As well as extroverty

Leaves a’turnin’ verde
Time to chase some skirty

Takin’ off the shirty
Feelin’ sort of flirty

Lookin’ for a purty
That’s lookin’ rich and sturdy

In pain and quite injuredy
Much cost will be incurredy

To the specialist he’s referredy
A good chance he’ll be curedy

Not running with the herdy
Old skeletons interredy