Only Now

Written by: Tucker Carwile Jr

                         There are many things,
                            that brought us together.
                         Many good times,
                               but also time of sadness.

                          I have learned from you,
                             over all these years,
                           someone with a heart,
                              as big as the sun.

                           Stopping traffic,
                               helping a turtle to the 
                            other side of the road.
                            Taking in a wounded cat,
                                nursing her til she could
                             face her life again.

                            Giving to those around,
                                by doing without.
                             These things you thought
                             but were not.

                             It is now time to rest,
                                leaving those behind.
                             To cherish your life,
                                as a wife, mother
                                     and a friend,
                              never to forget.

                               Although your song is ended.
                                  your melody
                               will always linger on.