In Time youll be mine

Written by: Joe Hinojosa

Far from the love forbidden from our dream 
Looking out the window it was something I'd seen, 
A star up above that dropped its twinkle 
I knew it was love when my stomach tingled, 
Thinking of you as my mind drifts away 
Only love can take you to the greatest place, 
Shadowy eyes in the nights that glister 
Whoever she is I sure do miss her, 
Hopes and dreams that don't exist 
Love is something you wouldn't want to miss, 
Day after night I would see the moonlight 
Together forever but not in my sight, 
Fell from the darkness into the light 
Will I fall in love, I think I just might, 
Frightened for the days that could never last 
Don't say you love me, don't even ask, 
Cause the true feeling awaits deep in my thought 
My final dream as finally popped, 
And together the happiness and joy we'll share 
A moment won't be a memory, not unless you'll be there.