An Illusion of Grandeur

Written by: Kyle Carlson

Megalomaniacal eyes
Burning irises; emerald flames
Melting pupils; the blackest rain (reign)
You know you murder the world
You know you perforate its heart
Its soul
You spill its blood 
Don’t you, kid?
You know you exterminate its gravity
We’ve dropped into the palm of your hand
Now, you’ve got the wooden world dancing on strings
Don’t you, kid?
Where’s your humanity?
Where’d you bury your sanity?
Dig it up
Dig it up
Resuscitate its breath
Because you’re on a fast road to downtown death
But you know you’re too great for death
You know death cannot overcome you
No one can defeat you
But essentially you’re nothing
You’re nobody
You’re in my head
You're me.