The fabulous Mr Wilde

Written by: Chris Grundy

Very good Mr. Wilde.
Very witty, i guess
I cant relate.
As long as your happy,
That’s what matters,
I guess.

Revered by my revere,
I was desperate to love,
But you wouldn’t notice,
Even if I did,
Mirrors fat reflection,
Is far more interesting,
Than any guest,
I could ever be.

Knocks on the door,
Your head froths with swirling waves,
A satisfied smile curves your face,
You answer,
A frown, a question, a gesture,
You accept,
The flowers, with a pounding heart.

To my beguiled,
The note attached begins,
My love, my brilliant cherry,
Your person makes me cherish
Every moment,
All my love,
Oscar Wilde