Social dyslexia

Written by: Chris Grundy

The ocean of life, enriched,
Then drained. I wish I could have..
My life, full of unfinished ventures.
I never explored the wonderland,
Through the fog of my confusion and
Ended up smiling in the mirror.
The only true friend shimmering back,
He twinkles from my heart,
Into the lucid environment of the languid.
Where’s my ambition? I ask. 
In the hands of the sacrificial lamb, 
Reflecting out of windows. Unhappy
With myself. Falling apart; my bone 
And flesh. Mentally mercurial. There 
Is no point, I find as 
Shakespeare wags a knowing finger. 
The mighty hawk, reduced,
Now, to austerity plus the 
fear of the posterity as it
Struggles, wheezes because the stairs 
Are too exhausting. The opaque
Elevator fails to work under 
These Conditions. Bing: “next floor demise”. 
I can run, free as far as I can figure, 
With the streaming winds, breathing
New life into the bingo wings of my soul,
Crashing into darkness, drinking 
A coke and a knowing grimace
Welded onto the contours of my face.