Hold my Hand

Written by: Stephan McBride

I was out in this world 
amidst the nearsighted
unknowing of the winding road
How could I have not seen the dead end sign
therefore to be   led off course into a ditch
seems as if no one 
knew who to call
trying to find the way back 
to the road while drifting further away
searching for happiness
out in the wilderness
a mistake for all was out for their own
trying one thing after another
only to last for a moment 
leaving me empty and unsatisfied
I fell to my knees and held out my hands
as my spirit yelled for the Lord  to save me
Then Jesus took hold of my hand
instantly I felt Love not of this world
dusting me off and a cleansing within
pulling me up I knew then 
I was gonna be lead back to the road
No more stumbling around in the dark with no light
For His path is well lit from which He created
He  shall never leave one alone
while guiding and protecting
If one shall get tired
He shall pick them up and carry them
while providing and endless
quench to hunger and thirst
I will hold onto the Lords hand
engulfing the peace 
of knowing The Lord
will lead me home for only by Him shall I find rest