The Carnage Men Leave Behind

Written by: Margeret Bailey

We all have brothers, fathers, uncles
and friends that we love dearly,
but when it comes to the antics
of males in relationships, we often wonder
if they know the meaning of the
phrase, "Get a grip!"

The endless charades they perpetuate, 
and even when they get caught red handed,
They still try to evade and save themselves
from shame,

It is said, when men fall in love, they drop
harder than a rock, yet, when they make
death defying exits, why is it, that they cause
everything from heartbreaks to heart attacks?

Never looking back to assess the carnage they
left behind, because in a warped place in their minds,
everything seems fine,

They continue business as usual,
while women look as if they are
obsessed, crazed fools, clinging to
memories that were never there 
in the beginning.