Presenting Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                    I was born to be loved and to return love,
                                    love was placed in my heart by Him, above;
                                    instructed to use it every awakening day,
                                    love everyone you see at work and at play;
                                    give your love freely to all that you meet,
                                    be charming and friendly with all you greet;
                                    then He bestowed upon you romantic love,
                                    the stingy kind that you are protective of;
                                    a bonding love you must take every care,
                                    with only one other you're allowed to share;
                                    this is the love that is so great and so pure,
                                    from all of life's ailments it is the real cure;
                                    this is the special love so rare and so true,
                                    I've waited many years to present it to you.