On A Side Note

Written by: Stacey Behal

On a side note...
There's coffee to breathe,
The taste being strong like heath,
As the clock ticks,
The time pauses; sticks.

On a side note...
The sun is up and shining,
The fresh smell of lining,
Holds the morning breeze,
Ignoring each sniffle each sneeze.

On a side note...
The birds are singing,
The love keeps on bringing,
More snowflakes fall,
As the degrees start to stall.

On a side note...
The blankets bring heat,
Each song plays on repeat,
The melody so clear,
Praying for loved ones to sheer.

On a side note...
The children play with imagination so bright,
The parents work out of sight,
Making money to show,
Each season down, as the next to go.

On a side note...
Life isn't too long,
Hold each day being strong,
Keep everything positive; each thought,
For it's winter season; soon to be hot.