Written by: GABRIEL LOLA

How dark was it?
How indellibly dark?
A fateful Friday of fate
We shared banters in bits 
I asked you over and over
for the weekend but you declined
bacause you would rather share the 
moment with your family.
As I journeyed to the capital
I reckoned we would see on Monday.
then came the evil caller and you were
gone. gone! gone!! gone my friend!!!
I sobbed, sobbed and cried
hoping you would walk right through the door
But you have not come.
You were not sick, 
neither were you depressed,
You were gaily and great 
This  death came uninvited.
young and nice, my friend, 
A fisrt class banker they call you,
But I call you lover of mandkind!
Oh Josh, fateful Friday it was, 
You left home kissing Junior and mother
hoping you would come back but
you never did! We are still waiting...
but they said you would not be back Josh!
How do people die?
How do they go to work and never return?
Do they just sleep and sleep on?
Adieu my brother!