Who is Responsible

Written by: Nishu Bhandula

                                           "Who is Responsible" 

Thousand of tears falling from sky, I saw a pearl in someone's eye.
Thousand of hands joint for prayer, Someone somewhere is still in fear.
Thousand of people migrated here and there ,Somone is still searching his near and dears. 

Standing behind the tree ,crying loud,someone can see only a dream for house..
Looking here and there ,he found only flood and floating bodies near... 
Craving for a roof ,
Craving for food ,
Craving for sunshine,
Craving for ray of hope, 
HE asked ALMIGHTY"Will ever there would be an END"
will he be able to survive,would thre b any one beside or like every one he will close his eyes.

Silence accompanied him ,Tears rolled down his cheeks..
Simultaneous to his Silence disaster speaks... 

Who is responsible for this tease ..
Who is responsible for the pain which is not being ease..
Who is responsible for this disaster..
Who is the creator and who is the master... 
Its non other than .. but MAN 

HE creates he destroye ,he preserves he exploit 
He played twice he played thrice
He is still being so innocent and nice..
Keeping his head high ,taking impulsive decisions..
HE knows that he is the only REASON ...