Infected Love -

Written by: Poet Destroyer A

Infected with love ~ (a collaboration with my daughter) ROYAL


Everyone knows, yeah they know
surrounding myself with the thoughts of suicide
scars in my heart, hurting past tense, 
where have you gone, outta my sight
here is where you belong, come back.
you come and go come and go,
one day you weren't there no more.
things where good, I turn for a second 
now your gone,
you come back, just come back!
infect me with your love.
stop hurting me now, you left me wanting more.
I never showed how much I love you.



All the pretty flowers,
Never will compare, to the passion in your eyes.
I never walked away, 
It was time for me to say goodbye....
Walking away, to another land.
Here, love is more than you'll ever understand.
I never left you alone, God had other plans.
I'm not gone, just relaxing till you arrive.
I took your infectious love with me.
If you only knew your sad injections,
Are still causing a stronger immunity.
Not even death wore-off your infection.
You never had to say it,
 I would seen it in your eyes...
Baby don't cry! 
Baby dry your eyes!
From here your still infecting me with your love.


Top half was written by my daughter ROYAL~ 
She wrote the top half from my point of view... to my mother 
( who passed away on my son's birthday )

Second half was written by ME,,,
I wrote my half from my mothers point of view (RIP)   
( who never got to hear them word, I LOVE YOU :-'( 
I held a grudge against her because she gave me up for adoption... 
 I loved her deeply... STILL DO...