Written by: Brian Pierre-Alexander

My Imperial and Majestic Empress
Inscribe on my mind garden tree
Vision of me taking a surreal Journey
To meet with divine royalty
In perfect serenaded harmony

Musical notes enshrined on the abyss
Corner stone of my hearts wall
Etched on fine gold, silver and leather scroll
Memories of Greek Romance and loveliness  
Which Makes me grimace as my love nerve crawl

Eternity...Chariots of Fire
Blazing love I so desire
Doom, bloom, consumed
by her perfumed whisper
Which her hypnotic nature capture 

Dream of...or fly to another world
Her avatar mystifies the stories told
Fairytale, illusionist, magic wonderland
Imperial and Majestic I ask your hand...

©Copyright January 22, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved