Written by: Brian Pierre-Alexander

2012 the end of of the world de say
People running scared, world in dismay
Tall buildings falling human beings crawling
Suddenly the earth opens up
And swallow them up in one swap
Meteorite falling like rain drops
It's like asking for rain that would never stop
I saw the Statue of Liberty crumble
In Africa there was no more Jungle
In India there was no help from false Gods
And non believers call out to Almighty God
Color is no longer a superiority
Money no longer have value, earth burning like hades
Yes fire burning in every corner of the Globe 
When we read the Bible the truth was told
Hail to the King the truth and behold
Yeshua...our Messiah, our Redeemer, our Savior...WORD!!

©Copyright December 27, 2009 by Brian Pierre-Alexander 
© All Rights Reserved