Why Do I Love You - A Valentine

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

WHY DO I LOVE YOU? ( A Valentine)

You asked me why I love you
I’ve tried to reason why
But how do you catch a moonbeam
Or touch a rainbow in the sky

I only know I love you 
And that’s enough for me
But I’ll open up my heart to you
And try to make you see

I was a child when we first met
But even then I knew
You were the one who stole my heart
I’d spend my life with you

We stood before the altar
Pledging our lives anew
I promised to always love you
You said you’d always be true

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Watching you as you sleep
Praying “God protect him”
For we have promises to keep

You asked me why I love you
The reason…let it be
I only know I love you
That’s enough for me

Copyright 1984 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)