Snuff Out

Written by: Heather Ober

The days are cool,
The nights are cold.
My laughter fools,
My smile holds

No need, no want, no spark.

The minutes strain, 
The hours bruise.
My memories wane,
My thoughts refuse

To bleed and haunt and mark.

Wake my heart
From its cold slumber.
Count its beats
To bursting number.
Flood my chest
With ghost sensation.
Wipe the dust
From past elation.

Ignite my flame.

The days are warm,
The nights are hot.
My feelings storm,
My stomach knots.

No grief, no ache, no blow.

The minutes bless,
The hours heal.
My hopes caress,
My instincts feel
No thief, no snake, no foe.

Cast my heart
In jaded shadows.
Send my trust
To ruthless gallows.
Starve my need
With cruel silence.
Strike my hope
With quiet violence.

Snuff out my flame again.