The Bunny And The Dinosaur

Written by: richard karr

Once upon a time a little bunny was grazing
Totally innocent that something amazing
Was about to happen in an interesting way
As she was eating in the field that day

As you all must know and are very aware
That a bunny is tiny just from being a hare
Dinosaurs are old and of a mammoth size
Them being friends one can hardly surmise

Imagine this bunny with her long pretty ears
Meeting a dino of a million years
Him a Kentrosaurus with a big long tail
Her a rabbit and so delicately frail

One noticed the other eating clover too
So dino said to her how do you do
I am a dino and what is your name
Lets dine together for we eat the same

This bunny was cute and dino was shy
He liked her a lot but didn’t say why
This dino so big and terribly tall
This rabbit so cute and terribly small

One day it rained was a really big storm
He kept her dry and that kept her warm 
So they became closer day after day
They wanted it always to be that way

Then one bright and sunny morning
Came some men without any warning
And they said this old dinosaur 
Escaped out through our back door

In case you think that’s a mystery
Was the museum of natural history
So this is the end, the story is through 
Could be more funny if it were true