name that tune

Written by: john loving iii

you light up my life
and have made me compleat
the one i would kiss 
each day of the week
a year and three months
to this very day
i spoke to you last
before you went away
many tears have sence fallen
and screams i let out
just like laughter
uncontrolably out of my mouth
my greif scourges me
every where i went
yet to others i looked content
each day i kiss your picture
and say i love you to your name
i guess they're the thing i do 
to keep from going insane
all these thing must have added up
to a small message from the God i trust
early early this  morning 
after i woke up a music box
played just a few notes
you light up my life
were the notes that it played
shocked and awed i was dismayed
but when i found the box that had played
it was the one i gave you 
because of the song it played

(This is a true story)