A Gamblers Lament

Written by: Mark Norton

A Gambler’s Lament

Lead me out from the madness there in my mind
Into the wind of a coming November,
Come light now shine your brightest glow
And tempt my aging bones;
When such a thing as the noise of night
Beckons in silence to me
I listen to each imagined word

For dread I alone to feel no more
The muscles that toil beneath my skin,
But I long to touch those rolling dice
And to hear the slot machines chime;
Though bleak in chill this dark possess me
The warmth inside the door
Lets me feel no gambler’s lament

I know not where a morning light shines
Far beyond this entrance hung,
Yet inside here the smoke filled air
Is as sweet as the distant sun;
And now I listen to far off sounds
Playing forever in my mind
That shields me from a gambler’s lament

                                  For Sid  

  By M.Norton