Written by: Babajide Ilebiyi


Once I had an uncommon privilege
Standing before me was a celestial apparition
Who, despite my sins, bordering on sacrilege
Offered to relieve me of my heart’s confusion

“Why” I asked “is there on this earth
An abundance of evil, a preponderance of gloom
Suffering and sickness, delusion and death
Lives careening on the brink of foretold doom

Illusions of splendor an inspiration to men
Who toil all their lives as slaves to a scheme
Designed of course by creatures of their kin
A theater of sorts, having all but an earnest theme”

“Hear” the voice of the celestial life form came
“That you may learn and tell to all whom you encounter
The folly of man justifies its fame
Even in the heavens, where derision meets the matter

Consider the strength with which you are endowed
The capacity to create, the power to discern
Like others of its kind, suffering thrives where it is allowed
Death has no hold where an attention it fails to earn

Rid yourself of the cloak of selfishness and greed
Let your pursuit of knowledge precede that of wealth
Greatness grows, the thrust for truth its prime seed 
“I hope with these” the voice said “I have helped you heart’s health”