In Case of Fire Take ---

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

What an interesting question to ponder. Immediately the scenario became real
There was no question in my mind. I knew what I would have to find. 
…..My guitar.
I haven’t played it for ages but that wouldn’t make any difference to me. For some reason, over all else, I would have to find….    “my guitar.” 
I have had proof positive. Thirteen years ago we were in a massive fire in Port St Lucie, Fl. where 42 houses burned down around us. I was on the roof watching where the fire was coming next. My wife grabbed whatever was important to her and I yelled at her to leave in the car and she did but first yelled back over the noise of the howling fire what I wanted her to take of mine. It was approaching fast. Without a second thought my response was 
“The Guitar!”
 She did and after making sure I was to do the same, she left.  The wall of fire on two sides of us was creating it’s own wind storm. A 60 to 80 foot wall of fire coming at you in a wind is a terrifying thing!  The fire was across our little street coming at us in a hurry. I jumped off the roof, into my truck and by the time I left, the heat from the fire had started the grass on fire on our side of the road. I drove through it to get out of the neighborhood looking back to see the black smoke completely engulfing our house….but that’s another story. I had … ole friend, 
….the guitar.

(This is a true story as  I mentioned on the first comment to this poem. )