My Heart

Written by: Dave Timperley

How full is your heart? 
Is it full to the top or just a part?
I'll tell you of mine, for I know this is true,
Maybe you'll see it's the same for you.

My heart is full, right up to the brim,
Full of my Lord, I do so love Him.
My heart is full, so full of life,
It's filled to the top by my darling wife.

My heart is full, so full of good cheer,
It's filled with my children, who I hold so dear.
My heart is full, right up to the top.
By my lovely girls who all call me Pop.

My heart is full for my grandsons all,
Dominic unborn, Luke and Scott now so tall.
My heart is full and it's overflowing,
I give thanks to God, His love keeps me going.

My heart is so full, but empty of worry,
When I hear cries for help, to them do I hurry.
The human heart is a wonderful place,
It holds friends and family in God's good grace.

How can it be that a heart so small,
Is big enough to accommodate All?
It was created by God, the master designer.
He fills it with love, what could be finer?

My heart is so full, God crafted it right,
It's so full of joy, laughter and light.
There's room for His love, there's room for you all,
For my wife, my children, my friends, one and all.

© Dave Timperley 2012