Deadened Soul

Written by: Summer Arthur

Reanimate my soul from deep within,
I feel like one of the undead,
Still walking, moving and breathing
But unfeeling, uncaring, unseeing.

I feel coldness in my veins,
It flies through my bloodstream,
The iciness freezes everything
That ever made me human.

Darkness covers me like a 
Heavy blanket suffocating me,
I'm choking on everything yet
Nothing, panic sets in.

I'm fighting to breathe, to
Be allowed the freedom
To do as I choose, I'm
Weighed down by expectations.

I hold my knees to my chest,
Curl into a tight ball and I
Let these crimson tears
Flow from my eyes.

I cry for the pain, for the 
Loneliness, the hope I once
Had, for broken promises,
Betrayals and a still-beating heart...