Written by: Andre Rogers

There are many bonds which hold us together
Maybe it was our essence could it possibly be the weather
Your presence on my over so wintry heart
Inform me of the fact that we will never part
I was a victim when we had first met
A bright, beautiful, and joyous day I can’t forget
If you were made a number you’d be a hundred and ten
Perfect in every aspect from your walk to your comely grin
Everything between us is always “Equal Pasqual and Even Steven”
The greatest, sincere, and most loved out of all the women
You were my ray of sunlight in this dreadful dark forest
You, the only tree of love I climbed up and stayed on top I fell off the rest
My heart has reserved a front seat because you’re the best yet
So whenever you feel the need to get away from things I’m your outlet
You were my escape when I wanted to be unstressed and free
Baby you may only have a portion scientifically but you got all of me
If I ever get to talk to you ever again beloved I wouldn’t know where to began
Just know this though I veritably Love You “Gentle Woman”