Written by: Andre Rogers

Listening to the sounds of ghoulish frights
Six-feet deep but everything is alright
A cruel chill comes across you 
Thank God for top soil….whew
From the street and morgue to the ground
How they all depart with a devilish frown
Cold, stiff, pale and unstuffed
When your soul leaves your body you don’t get up
Hard, lonely, and looking sick
Difficult to say goodbye to and missed
Your flesh is so tensed and complicated to kiss
Life, love, and longevity
Filled with embalming fluid makes you heavy
Flowers, tombstones, and much sorrow
Got to find some black to shortly borrow
A long cloudy drearisome day
Dismal, wintry, and gloomy, God don’t take me away
Death is so atrementous so nigrescent
Black roses are a dead man’s present
When that casket drops it is evident
You are no longer here you’re irrelevant
The extinct, the rested in lovely peace
Sad singing and flower bringing for the deceased
May God bless our souls all these long nights
May God rest their souls who reside at all the 
Many “Grave Sights!”

Written ByA.I.R. Feb.20,2004