About the Author-revised

Written by: Jacqueline R. Mendoza

About the Author- revised

A poor disabled Filipina
Migrated US
Had a tragic car accident
On October 11 1999

My name, Jacqueline called by God
Was on Coma
With 3% chances of living
I persevered to walk, without a cane

Walked 4 blocks with a cane
Took 4 hours I’m home
Again walked 4 blocks without the cane
Got home in 2 hours

Learned Patience and Tolerance”
Slowly developed having Wisdom and Comprehension 
Loved Reading
Patience and Tolerance in Math

Had many rocky milestones, many difficulties
Yet married to Mr. Cris Kepley
God gave Him to me mirrored like Anicito- my ex-fiancee
Happily living with Kepley family

It's overwhelming to realize
God saved me
Unbelievable how God communicate
Commanding and ordering in my conscience

He chose me to spread the truth of His Gospel
Communicate through writing a book “I AM THE LIVING PROOF – Jacqueline’s Life, Purpose and Parables”
He informed me, He says things in Parables
Ordered me to say things in Poetry

People think I'm weird
Even my Spiritual Director
Think I come up with some weird ideas
Response in everything, "I believe in God"