Written by: Patrick Cornwall

He carried the oxygen from one room to another but the smallest effort cost.

The air was fresh but the breath wouldn't catch and coughing.

He wondered how his plan was left unfulfilled.

He had used every human he had ever come in contact with.

And now after living with his sister and her husband for thirty years he was finished.

This was his life and the cough.

He sat stirring his coffee and ate a pastry with his tooth.

That was what he had one tooth and his famous cough.

He was a professional and his lung had quit.

No one had told him that the lung would do this but it had.

Most wouldn't believe he professionally coughed but the cough did.

And that is what mattered and smoking.

Smoking and waiting to die was all he had.

Lying in the hospital bed and staring  at the tv screen.

The doctor said the cancer had moved into the lung.

He said that he wanted to run the test but medicare wouldn't pay for it.

Should have got that insured by Geico and wanting a cigarette.

This is a true story about my Uncle Charles who is alone but for  my Mothrer ,Father and Me