seven hours

Written by: freny gilbert

Light breeze passing through my hair
there is no other moment which has been so fair
sitting alone on hilltop
there is no way in which my feelings i can stop

i am flowing with the wind
on the ground i don't want to be pinned
was feeling little lonely
prayed to god o send someone for my company

had parked my bike just on my side
coz this is  my only friend with whom i can ride
then came a sweet dog
which gave my thoughts a bog
i din realize when he sat next to me
he thought he would help my problems flee

i had tears in my eyes
but it was the breeze because of which my tears dried
the clock ticked six
there was no way my problem could be fixed

i prayed to God who is in heaven
because i waited for my love for hours seven
he din turn up to come
i want my feeling for him to succumb
it was time to go
i called him once again so that he could know
but there was no courtesy he could show
one day even he will realize
there is no one in this world who can love him so wise!!!!