A Memorable Friendship On My First Ship

Written by: Pam Woolford

I write from my heart, not just words, but feelings of what’s inside,
Our hearts are such wonderful places where we can find things to hide
Like the ones that I want to remember, they are like pieces of gold
The warm memories that unfold when I think of the reasons they are there
Reminders of special people who I'll always consider my true friends
Just like you are and always will be my friend for every day to come.
Memories of that first day we met on a beautiful and wonderful ship
Will be with me as reminders of days on this cruise each and every one.  

Caley you and I met on the "Sun Princess" and then we bonded fast
The time I had with you dear friend was great from the first day to last
I'll never forget the kindness you showed that started a friendship with you
You helped to lift my spirits up when I was teary and feeling very blue
I’ll never forget the tears you shed when I sang that day on the ship
I was touched as I saw you sitting there with tears running down your face
This was the biggest compliment that you could have ever paid me for sure.
Day after day I wish that I could have back the life I had more and more.

Life is full of many surprises I have found with challenges all the time
The best surprise I just received was aboard the "Sun Princess" so fine
I met a lady who loves jewellery, as much as I do on board   this ship
She befriended me while we dined in the most lavish place to eat  
From the moment we met we became the best of friends so true 
Starting as we looked at jewellery or Swarovski Crystal too expensive for me
Or was it while we were dining as we sailed together on the ocean blue 
I only know dear Caley it would not be the same if I hadn’t met you.