Seeking Truth

Written by: Swairik Das

Did I ever impasse
Only destiny to reach
The very essence
Of my solitary confinement?
Can I ever greet 
another dawn
without a sign of iniquity
Of infinte curses? 
Will I ever explore the eternity
the world and those ancient ruins
without digging out the fossils
Of some ugly truths?
Did I ever sobbed
looking at a poor dying
without standing still
With other inhumane like me?
Can I ever stop questioning
the universal testament
and simply understand
relationship everlasting?
Will I ever pray
addressing my deity 
not being just another among the crowd
Of some sinners like me?
Did I wished for
Chancing up on a shooting star
Own bonheur
instead of someone else's?
Can I ever experience the soltitude
awaiting the whole day to alter
Without any second thought
rather humoring to a dreadful combat?
Will I ever stare
at the solar eclipse
Without listening to those old rumors
By those deceivers airing along?
Did I ever breathe fresh air
sailing the seven seas
and allowed myself to face the storm
Leting my fear to miss me?
Can I ever rose
To touch the sky
and fended for
Those silverlinings?
Will I ever know myself
To feel my soul
without any sake
Just me and my own spirit?