Written by: Tetteh Addo


See me rising

Through the mist

Cameras flashing

This is not vain glory

Spot lights on me

Because I have what it takes

God put it there

I was told to let

My light shine

And so when they ask me

Who are you?

A big fat sunshine grin

appears on my face

Because I know who I am

The word Can’t

is not in my vocabulary

I’m an AfriCAN


I was made in His image

Victory is my destiny

I’m history in the making

I will not fail

I am a champion

I have nothing to loose

If I perish, I perish

That’s my creed

I am resolved to do

what I’m made for

Defeat doesnt exist

in my world

Yes I can

Impact or Die

This is my resolution

I’m born to win

I’m an AfriCAN



What a shock!

is what they said

when I emerged

through the ashes

My hands are blessed

My fingers trained

for battle

Victory runs

through my chromes

I have no concept

of defeat

Did I hear cant?

Own up!

 You Charlatan!

And Yes I Can

because I’m an AfriCAN



I will break the heart

of my enemies

I will hand them the towel

to wipe their tears

When they experience me

it will be epic

There will be no remedy

For their ultimate tragedy

Take that u hater!

Victory will be my name

On that Blessed day

Their lives will never

Be the same

When the battle is turned

at the gates

I am anointed to win

I’m an AfriCAN


by Tetteh Addo