An Ephemeral Escapism

Written by: Expressive Child

Staring out at this insane world..
I desire to drift to a distant realm...
and wither the moments of days,
lazing at scenes of drizzling rain..
My body is idled in the comfort...
of a cooling nonchalant ambience,
enfolding me like soothing auras..
in this calm and solitary room...
My mind is clear of it’s visions...
in obscurities of dreamy clouds..
and soothing sights of blue skies,
confined in an endless elevation...
My soul’s bound in melodious songs,
lost in rhythms of whispering winds.. 
numbed of the truth and tangibles..
vulnerable to the wraths of reality..
I adore these moments of euphoria,
to colour the bareness of my hours..
like the delicate hands of a painter..
with a heart of pure impressionism..

Still, salvation is beyond my reach..
Only a fleeting delusional romance..
to gratify these lustful notions within.. 
that craves for an eternal escapism..