Donum Terrae - Earth's Precious Gift

Written by: Leighann Anderson

When the Earth was young,
fire dominated the hellish land,
flowing like blood in veins giving
life to the rocky planet.
It glowed like molten rock within
a furnace ready to be moulded into
the continents that float like ducks
on water regardless of constant motion.
The land was bare and resembled what
most would consider hell but still
it was darkly beautiful in its own self.
Millennia passed with no trace of life
until that all faithful day when the
Earth was bombarded by rocky meteorites 
and frozen comets.
These titans of nature brought Earth’s
most precious gift transforming the
bare land in to a world of new-born
A never ending rain-storm begun causing
the oceans to grow like an embryo in
a mother’s womb.
Sadly the air was poisonous and the
sky red, like a never ending sunset; 
life took no hold of the empty 
and barren land.
Time passed slowly and the oceans
begun to fill with the smallest
of creatures, too small to be
seen with the naked eye.  
Slowly the air begun to change 
and the way to evolution began,
giving rise to adaption and
abilities never seen before on
the barren land.
Single-celled creatures became
multi-celled giving rise to what
is considered the life force of
us all – DNA.
Time passed slowly but life 
exploited the barren land
filling it with the most
peculiar of creations.
The Earth became a box of
chocolates for whichever way
one looked nothing was the same.
The Earth’s precious gift is life
but without the aid of nature’s
titans life itself would have
never begun in such a fiery
furnace – glowing then yet dark.