memories and moments

Written by: Donald Meikle

Taking a stroll along the beach on Sand Island
Not  many folk  know where Sand Island is.
It's the other island inside the Midway reef
We stopped to watch a baby sea lion trying to walk
It was as round as it was long and as tall as it was round
First instinct was to just hug and cuddle it.
Second instinct was to turn and run as fast as possible away
Her teeth were bared in a roaring snarl
She stood as tall or taller than either one of us
We left
Others have talked of Midway   
The remnant reminders of war
Joe Margowsky and I hold different memories
We sailed the reef on a one man surf sail board
Studying the beautiful colors of coral
Watched as it changed to smooth shiny mottled brown
Then it moved and we saw two long white tusks under a sniffing mustache
John had not yet said "I am the walrus"
We heard it first. Up front and winking.
Joe kneeled at the mast and I steered us away
Time stood still and the walrus ignored us.
Two memories of Midway that stay.