The Wait

Written by: louzana nubani

Why can’t I be whoever I want, wherever and whenever I want to be? Why can’t I live the dreams I painted ahead? Why does everything have to be so complicated, so intricate. Why can’t anything be the way it used to be? Or was it a lie? Was it all just a disguise to the true intentions ahead? Why do these bittersweet memories chase us down hauntingly? Why can’t anything be right? Why is all just a test? A mere experiment; to prove our faith? It is there; our faith. But those days they try to convince us, provoke us, break us, trying to prove there is none. But in the end, we all return to our source; our God, who is there watching, knowing, and casting mercy upon our souls. He is there, forgiving a person in his darkest periods, casting light when all is extinguished. We are here, we are now, but where are we? And where is now? Those shadows bind us to misery, forsake us on hope, extinguish the steps to true guidance, leave us shattered, and apart.
Everything we go through is there, written, and taken thought for, taken note for, watched and analyzed; to truly pay the price.
But again we wonder, and ponder; why? All thy dreams we built in our fragile thoughts, why? Is there not a path powerful enough to build them on?
We breathe, cry, and fall unto the forsaken darkness we refuse to fight more, on a desperate path we lose our light, our sense of direction. We seek help, plead for assistance, and pray to find that person; who will never leave us, never forsake us, who will be there when no one will, on the smile of his we live each day to see, for his benign talks we long to hear. The path we fell upon, he; that person will come to pick us off the ground again and again. That person will never fail us, will lift the vulnerable soul of ours to the road that will carry our dreams eternally, everyday will be a new beginning, his true pure intentions will never end, will never forsake us to life. 
How many times have we lingered in this life to find that person? How many times have we asked; when? When will the time come? When all our lives change, when will all the suffering and tiredness truly conclude? We live each day, although it kills us; for that person, for that life we hoped, prayed, built all our desires on. 
And we wait, we long, eternally for that time.